Honest imagery that tells the story of your heritage… that’s what my Lifestyle Sessions are all about.

We have 3 boys and a little girl in our family. Life is anything but a pretty staged photo shoot around these parts. It’s messy and fun and loud and raw.

As a professional photographer, I had always felt like documenting my family life meant getting everyone dressed up and hauling the kids out to a field with wildflowers in full bloom and bribing everyone with candy and the promise of ice cream to shut up and smile. Sometimes the images would look cool, but in no way did they resonate with what our family was really like.

So, a few years ago, I decided that I wanted to document the more honest moments with our kids around the house. I started keeping a camera loaded with film sitting around and capturing the little things that I knew we would want to remember as our kids were growing up way too quickly.

We now have a keepsake box that is filled with hundreds of prints of these windows into our day-to-day. We cherish them already and can’t even imagine how much more we’ll cherish them in 20 years when our little boys are about to get married or have just had their first baby.

This got me thinking… if Sara and I resonate so much with this way of documenting life, I bet there are other families out there that want to remember their family life in a similar way. So, I ask you to consider throwing out your previous ideas of what “family photos” means… and to invite me into your home for an afternoon. Allow me to document those snuggles on the bed as a family… or playing trains on the living room floor… or swinging in the back yard.

I ask you to embrace the imperfection that our lives actually are. Resist the pull of Pinterest to be spotless and lifeless and all smiles all the time.

Allow me to document your life in an honest way in the place you’re most comfortable… your own home.


These are some windows in to our everyday life...