After photographing people for a living for several years, I noticed a few things about myself. The images that I gravitate toward and am the most proud of are the ones that I didn’t make happen. They were the real moments. You know the ones… laughs that couldn’t be faked… moments that weren’t contrived… emotions that seem palpable.

I began to get tired of simply cranking out beautiful images that look magazine worthy, but lack life and aren’t true to the human experience.

I wanted to capture the real moments.

So, I changed my business.

I photograph real people with real families. Those people are part of a complex and rich heritage that is uniquely unlike any other. I view it as a humbling honor to be able to contribute to the visual building blocks of my clients’ heritage.

I expect that the images we create together will be cherished for generations, so it is essential that they stand the test of time. So, with everything I have, I fight against cliché imagery and work hard for natural and honest moments that ring true to the people I work with. I want my clients to be able to not merely remember a moment, but feel it.

Just like the food my family consumes and the vegetables I grow in the back yard, I want to create photographs that are organic and natural. By using natural light and both analog film + digital cameras, I strive to create imagery that is compelling and raw. I’m a firm believer that what makes a good photo is not when everything is perfectly in place, but when you can sense the imperfection. Imperfection is what makes us human. A perfect photograph is not relatable and lacks life. I actually search out those imperfections and use them to make the photograph come alive.

At the end of the day, cool photographs should not be our number one priority. Life is more than an image to hang on your wall or impress your Facebook friends with.

I want my photography to promote real life, strong marriages, and lasting heritages.

I create natural, timeless, and unique portraits for my clients to look back on in 50 years and remember what’s important. What’s popular on Facebook or Pinterest today will be old news by tomorrow… but, a single genuine photo that is unique to you will be held tightly for generations.