Trent + Kim | Engagement

This engagement session was extra awesome for me. I mean, yeah, they look terrific and had some really cool ideas… but, beyond that, Trent + Kim are more than just clients. In fact, I would never in a million years use that word to describe them. Trent is my childhood best friend. We grew up next door to each other… made forts in the woods… constructed¬†elaborate tunnel systems in our dad’s sand piles (country, I know!)… even flipped a go-cart or two on our wild days. Then we were even roommates in college for several years. And here we are… still living in the same town, serving at the same church.

So, when I say that I’m “really excited” about this session… know that I’m talking more excited than normal. (I honestly need a thesaurus sitting on my desk when I write these things, because I feel like I probably use the same adverbs in every post.)

Trent + Kim’s love story began through running. Yeah, you read that right… The only thing I’ve ever fallen in love with through running has been upchucking! I can’t even wrap my head around it. But, they both love running and it was through training for marathons that they realized that they just may be right for each other. It was at the finish line of a race that Kim found Trent waiting for her with a ring in hand and he popped the question.¬†So, it was only fitting for them to include their running shoes in their engagement photos in some way.

As a wedding photographer, I go to tons of weddings. But, it’s not often that I’m actually in a wedding. So, I couldn’t be more stoked to be able to leave my camera at home for this one and just be part of it.

Trent + Kim… you guys rock! I’m honored to call you friends, and can’t wait to see what God does through your marriage together.