Robert + Lola | Married

Alright people… grab a popsicle¬†or something and sit down for this, because this wedding is going to have your head spinning.

When Robert + Lola met with me and discussed their wedding, it was a little hard for me to wrap my mind around what it would really be like. They are a fun and quirky couple, and they had definitely not set out to have a standard wedding. The venue they chose was a old community theatre in downtown Bryan, TX called The Stage Center Theater. They went their on one of the first dates to watch a play, so it was definitely appropriate.

The ceremony was designed to seem like a play. There was a playbill for the program featuring acts and actors. Guests were treated to popcorn and cocktails as well. It was definitely a unique experience!

As we took some pictures right after the ceremony, guests enjoyed a cocktail hour at the theater, and then everyone grabbed streamers and formed a group that paraded down the main street in downtown with music and headed a few blocks over to Downtown 202 for their reception.

When I opened the door to the reception hall, I was blown away by the crazy awesome details that were all over the place. Lola’s sister-in-law is a stellar wedding planner and event designer… her attention to unique and creative detail was amazing! The centerpieces on each table were different games that guests were invited to play as they enjoyed the reception. When they walked in the door, they found their seating assignments hung on a wall with bunting flags showing them which game their name corresponded to. So cool!

Some of my favorite details from this quirky wedding were the bridesmaids’ bouquets made completely out of buttons and the way the stage was set up to look like a living room with cool furniture.

Enjoy your popsicle as you soak in this wedding!

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