Our Family | 2012

I have a confession to make. I’m a photographer… that doesn’t have many professional photos of my family.

I spend tons of my time with my camera in hand, documenting other people’s natural moments, but most of our family’s images are on Instagram rather than on canvases around our home. That makes me sad.

This time of the year is pretty slow for me though, so a few weeks ago we had a free Friday night… no friends were coming over and the Olympics were not yet taking over our lives. So, I told Sara that we were going to have an informal photo shoot… no need to get super dressed up. I just wanted to take the kids somewhere nice and get some natural images of them being them and us being us.

So we did… and here we are in all our craziness!

Images were processed with VSCOFilm02 // Kodak Portra 400 NC [w/ modifications]

NOTE: I’m a huge fan of the VSCOFilm series! All of my images are modified to some degree with this product, and the new VSCOFilm02 set is terrific as expected. I couldn’t get the natural + raw look that I love without it.