Jonathan + Kristina | Married

Jonathan + Kristina… such awesome clients to work with! They were wed at Brookwood Community in Brookshire, TX, a wonderful venue that offers everything in one package… traditional chapel setting, awesome field a few steps away for getting some sweet portraits, and then a classy reception hall all on the same grounds!

These two were super easy going and just enjoyed the experience of getting married… always fun to work with people like that. They also get major points in my book because when I sent them an email to let them know their final images were ready to view online, they were in the car heading out to the movies on a date and as soon as they read my email, then stopped the car, busted a u-ey and went straight home to check them out! How awesome is that??

Special thanks to my buddy JD Swiger for working with me on this wedding… he did an awesome job capturing unique moments and a few behind the scenes shots of the couple getting paparazzied between me and the videographers (see below)!┬áHe’s based in Austin… you should check him out.

Now… prepare yourself for a LONG post. I just couldn’t contain this awesome wedding in anything shorter!

Venue: Brookwood Community, Brookshire, TX

Photographer Assistant: JD Swiger

Videographer: Clayton Stringer, Stringer Productions