Greg + Holly | Engagement

As a photographer living in the shadow of one of the largest universities in the grand state of Texas and most of my clients being Aggies, I’m constantly faced with the struggle of how to create beautiful, classic and unique images while avoiding the cheesiness that can be “engagement photography”.

I’ve often been convinced that the only possible places to photograph at the university were Kyle Field, the Century Tree, and the Administration Building… oh yeah… and now that giant Aggie Ring by the Association of Former Students. Now… each of those places can be done well, and I’m happy to try… but, as a photographer, it can sometimes get a little old.

But, this session completely blew the lid off of everything that I ever thought about Texas A&M University! Greg and Holly loved Texas A&M… but, they were honest with me about not really wanting “Aggie” engagement photos. So, for the first time in my business history, I approached the University from a completely different angle… how can I make these photos look completely “un-Aggie”. I could not believe all of the incredibly awesome little places that I had previously overlooked. Parking garage here, hidden alleyway there… and oh yeah, the decrepit green house. I felt completely giddy when I walked away from this session… a breath of fresh air.

So, if you’re out there and are thinking… “man, I sure do love the university where I spent all of those years getting to know the person I’m about to marry, but I just don’t want the standard pictures…” Do not fret!! It can be done!

Enjoy some of my favorites from this un-Aggie Engagement Session…