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Wow… this session was one of my favorites in a long time! We love this family so much. They have been a huge part in shaping our marriage and family… from being an elder at our church, going through their premarital class when we were engaged, keeping us healthy by being the awesome Dr. Bacak, to really helping to shape our thoughts and convictions regarding adoption and caring for the orphan.

This family is legit.

They just added their 5th beautiful child to their family this past month by adopting an older child from Ghana. Feel free to read more about this journey over at their family blog. She is such a beam of light! I had so much fun capturing her smile and energy in these photos. Add in the other 4 crazy kiddos and you’ve got yourself a party in the middle of a field with a guy with a camera! I love how each child has such a distinct personality and wanted it to come through in the photos.

Sit back and smile a little while you enjoy these photos!

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