Apel Family | Bryan/College Station Lifestyle Photography

In case you couldn’t tell, this time of year is always really busy for me with Lifestyle Sessions. I still love getting to photograph fun families! Over the years I have realized that I get the very best shots when I simply step out of the equation. I just supply a good, simple backdrop for a kid to be a kid in. Then I do what I can to bring out their personality.

I often feel like parents are looking at me and thinking, “what the heck? we just paid this guy to come out here in a field and take pictures of our kid rolling around in the dirt… I could have done that in our back yard!” But, every time I’m able to show them the finished product, people are always amazed that those pictures came from that┬ásession. They will tell me all the time, “Dang, when we got in the car after that session, we just sighed and thought that they were all going to be terrible!” But, what they didn’t see was their child being themselves while running around crazy.

There is life in those photos.

Those photos tell a story.

So, I’ve pretty much thrown “posing” out the window. If they don’t want to sit on a rock and smile at me, I’m more than happy with that.

Here are some shots from one of my favorite families to photograph. Children just don’t come much cuter than this… each with their own crazy personality!